Office Com Setup Installation & Activation


Office installation can be a tedious task for many of us. Ii involves some technical understanding  to carry out this operation in an efficient We receives several queries regarding the same . So here we are, to discuss the complete process of office setup and installation. so if you are looking for Office Installation & office com setup activation instructions please read the below steps:


Read the following steps and install of office on your computer., contact: Office Phone Support German  If you still have problems:

1. Take your product key that you have got at the time of purchase of Microsoft Office, you can access the product key. Use this key to download your Office installation files. You can buy the key directly from the Microsoft Office website or in a box in a store.

2.Now download the Office installation file. If you have your product key, you can download a copy of Office from the Microsoft website ( You will need to enter your key to access the downloads.

3 Start the installation. If you have a DVD, insert it and the installation option should appear automatically. If you have downloaded Office, run the downloaded file and the installation will start. If you are not installing from a DVD, the installer downloads the files needed for the installation. You must remain connected to the Internet during the installation process.

4. Enter your product key. Even if you used your product key to download the installer, you will need to re-enter it during the installation process. If you do not have a key, you will receive a link to buy one.

5. Select the features you want to install. The features available for installation depend on the version of Office purchased. If you install an older version of Office, you can run the programs from the CD or from the DCD instead of installing them. This can save valuable hard disk space if you have a smaller hard disk.

Use the below information is you already have an account with office


First log in to My Office account to begin Office Setup. Go to my office account at If you are not already logged in with your Microsoft account for the copy of your Office, do it now. If you’re signed in with another account, log out, then sign in again with your Microsoft Office account.

Now you have the choice of creating the 32-bit or 64-bit version of your Office setup. If you are not sure which version is right for you, you can choose between the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office.
Please install the 32-bit version now: To install the 32-bit version of Office on your PC in your preferred language of choice, select Install during redemption of the product. (If you have an Office 365 subscription, you must select Install> and select Install on the next page.).  Install the 64-bit version: To install the 64-bit version or another language, click the Language, 32/64 Bit link, and then click Other installation options.
Visit the following link:

Setup Office : Alternative –

There is another way to achieve this.

Click Run (in Edge or Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox) to install Office according to your browser.
Do you want to allow User Account Control to make this app make changes to your device? Click Yes.
The installation begins!

Your office setup is complete when you get the message “You are all set! Office is now installed “is displayed
Now follow the instructions in the window, click Start> All Apps to see where your apps are and select Close.

3: Activate Office Setup com
Start using your any  Office application, by opening any app.
Office will now be automaically activated as soon as you start an application and click Accept License Terms.

Office can be activated automatically. If you do not depend on your product, you may see the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard. configuration
In this case, follow the instructions to activate